Fundraising services and solutions

Appco Group Fundraising is the largest face-to-face donor recruitment agency globally. Fundraising now generates considerable revenue for charities and non-profit organisations across the globe. Appco Group Fundraising generates US$40 million in donations each and every month for its charity clients. Since 2002, Appco Group Asia has raised US$7 billion in donations for charity clients across the region. Appco Group Asia not only delivers results, but we also partner with clients on their journey to develop and grow their donor database and generate awareness.

On a monthly basis, Appco Group Asia acquire thousands of new donorsfor the clients across the region through successful fundraising solutions using various donor acquisition channels, including events, residential, business-to-business, face-to-face sales, and street campaigns. We insist on the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability at all times, ensuring the clients receive committed, long-term, quality donors.

More about our fundraising services

As the world’s leading door-to-door fundraising agency we have created a successful strategy for securing committed donors with an average donation period of more than three years.

Since 2002, Appco Group Asia has recruited 1.9 million donors for the clients, which is testament to our fundraisers and the responsiveness of the public to this form of fundraising.

These results have enabled Appco Group Asia to excel – we have now developed an established reputation that has enabled us to work with some incredible organisations. To learn about some of the clients we work with and what they have to say about the work we do for them, check out our Client Testimonials page.

Dedicated highly trained fundraisers

Our network now consists of 1,000 fundraisers across seven countries in Asia and 3,500 fundraisers across 24 countries globally, who each receive on-going training, coaching and support in order to best represent the client they are working with.

Our fundraisers engage every individual in a conversation about the charity they are representing, and our expert approach, insistence on quality and passion for the causes we represent continually turns otherwise unreachable people into loyal donors who keep on giving.

Our fundraisers have the opportunity to advance through a dedicated career development programme, which equips our fundraisers with the necessary skills and knowledge to generate vital awareness and recruit committed long term donors for the clients.

Interested in working with us as a client? Simply go to thecontact ussection and a member of the experienced team will be in contact with you shortly.