Appco Group España annual convention 2015: a shared success

Appco Group España held its most important convention of the year in Toledo in May.

The annual convention rewards the past year’s hard work and success.

The ceremony was led by Vice President Olivier Blomme.

The event was an opportunity for everyone in the Appco Spain network to celebrate individual and group achievements, reward dedication and effort and forecast future plans and improvements.

adminAppco Group España annual convention 2015: a shared success
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Appco Australia promote breast cancer awareness

In October, Appco Group Australia and its network of marketing companies held and participated in events to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness and further fundraising efforts.

Since 2012, Appco Group Australia have recruited nearly 42,000 monthly donors for National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). Appco aims to help the foundation in generating committed and long-term donors.

Find out more about the events held in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month on theAppco Australia news.

adminAppco Australia promote breast cancer awareness
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Appco Group’s Human Commercial™

Chris Niarchos, Chairman and Founder of the Appco Group developed the Human Commercial™ which changed the face-to-face sales and marketing industry.A face-to-face meeting provides a human touch to the sales and marketing message and ensures customers have the best possible experience.

The Human Commercial™ ensures that customers are engaged in two way conversations about their needs and requirements with the ability to make the choice that’s right for them.

Find out more on the Appco UK blog

adminAppco Group’s Human Commercial™
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CanTeen celebrates 30th anniversary with rebrand

Appco client CanTeen has recently rebranded to commemorate its 30th anniversary in July, which also marks seven years of Appco working with the charity.Appco’s network of Independent Contractors has helped the charity to raise both funds and awareness while assisting to refresh the charity’s image and building an understanding of how cancer affects young people.

Find out more about the rebrand on the Appco Australia news.

adminCanTeen celebrates 30th anniversary with rebrand
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New field representative highlights invaluable skills she’s learnt

Amelia Mills joined Appco UK’s network in Wales six months ago as a Field Representative. Although, she has only been in the business a short time, Amelia’s already developed invaluable skills that will help her pursue any career path she chooses.

Amelia says her decision to join the business was based on the enthusiasm of the owner of the marketing company she is contracted to.

Amelia underscores strong communication skills, expressing oneself, customer service, and self-confidence as the skills she has learned and developed since being in the business.

Find out more about Amelia’s story on the Appco UK blog.

adminNew field representative highlights invaluable skills she’s learnt
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Appco España receives praise for “great professionalism” from Medicos del Mundo

Medicos del Mundo (MDM) has praised Appco Group España and the face-to-face fundraisers in its network for their “professionalism” and “expert knowledge”.

“It has been a very positive year,” said Susana Atienza, Head of Fundraising for MDM. “From the outset, everyone involved has shown great professionalism and demonstrated expert knowledge about the processes and techniques of securing regular-giving donors.”

Thanks to the regular-giving donors secured by fundraisers working with Appco España, MDM can continue to develop more than 50 projects in 20 countries, helping to ensure, among other things, the prevention of AIDS in newborns.

“Appco Group España’s dedication in coaching fundraising teams has been truly valuable for us as, throughout 2014,” added Ms Atienza. “We have been able to respond quickly to emergencies, such as the conflict in Gaza and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, where we’re continuing to work.”

The comments were received as MDM and Appco Group España celebrated their one-year anniversary of working together.

MDM is a non-governmental organisation, which provides access to health care for victims of war and natural disasters.

adminAppco España receives praise for “great professionalism” from Medicos del Mundo
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Fundraisers make the difference between sight and blindness, says Sightsavers

Fundraisers working with Appco Group Sweden are helping more people to see with every new donor they confirm, said Sightsavers’ Head of Market Development James Huitson.

In a speech at the Appco Group Sweden Rally 2014, James explained the significance of every regular-giving donor acquired by face-to-face fundraisers and the rewarding nature of the job.

“Every time you get a signature on that piece of paper, you’re helping somebody to see – and what a thing to have done [during] your day at work,” said James. “People go through their whole career without doing anything as exciting, [or] anything as important as that.

“At the end of the day, you can go home and you can tell your girlfriend, you can tell your mother, you can talk to your children, and [when] they [ask you], ‘What did you do today?’ you can say, ‘I helped a blind person to see.’ How cool is that? So thank you for the work this year and… thank you for everything.”

Watch James Huitson’s speech.

adminFundraisers make the difference between sight and blindness, says Sightsavers
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Appco celebrates 2014 achievements at Convention event

Appco Group Australia celebrated its affiliates’ achievements in business and sales at its flagship event last Saturday.

More than 1,200 people from across Australia, along with international guests from four countries, attended the event of the year to recognise the achievements of people from across Australia’s sales and marketing network.

Along with sales awards, delegates were recognised for outstanding performance in leadership and business acumen.

The prestigious Marketing Company of the Year award was won by newly advanced Organisational Head, Ben Lyon, for his company Playfair and Co (pictured).

Appco Group Founder and Chairman, Chris Niarchos, thanked the attendees for contributing to the ongoing success of Appco Group Australia:

“The level of opportunity and growth we see in Australia is unparalleled; this is thanks to the commitment and dedication of those here today,” he said.

“The difference we’re making across many areas and industries for our clients is further proof of the incredible work you all do on a daily basis.”

The 2015 Australian Convention was held at The Star Convention Centre in Sydney on 14 March.

adminAppco celebrates 2014 achievements at Convention event
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Extra energy option now available to Greek citizens

Greek citizens now have the option of a second electricity supplier, giving them access to discounted energy bills.

Appco Hellas is working with energy company WATT+VOLT, to promote the new option to homeowners, who can now take advantage of the cheapest deals on the market.

Field sales representatives working with Appco Hellas have helped more than 4,700 homeowners switch energy supplier since the end of 2013.

WATT+VOLT is the first company to use smart meters in the Greek energy market.

adminExtra energy option now available to Greek citizens
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