• We were looking for a strong team with face-to-face expertise and Appco Group Thailand was the company that met our needs. SOS has partnered with Appco Group Thailand since 2010. Appco’s professional fundraisers have recruited donors to support the children in SOS Children's Villages and have given them a second chance to become part of a family once again.

    Date of Posting: 17 March 2015 Khun Chantira, Head of Fund Development SOS Children’s Village
  • The Appco Group team is fortified, qualified and efficient. Whether it’s the independent contractor, the marketing company team or the staff at management level, all are suited to what we are looking for. They are the key for us to help the animals in need today. WAP wouldn’t be able to make any difference for animals without Appco Group Thailand’s support.

    Date of Posting: 17 March 2015 Khun Suphaporn Last, Country Director WAP
  • UNICEF and Appco Group Philippines have been partners since 2008. Appco's work enables UNICEF to sustain important life-saving campaigns for children in the Philippines and worldwide. Their dedicated staff needs to be recognised and commended for a job well done.

    Date of Posting: 02 September 2014 Michelle Borromeo, Fundraising Specialist UNICEF Philippines